IGEA is a web-based tool for integrative gene
expression analysis

If you are investigating gene expression in case of a particular medical condition and you have found a bunch of microarray experiment datasets on your topic with probably just a few biological samples in each one and you want to merge these data to conduct a one large-scale analysis we are here to do that for you.



Take a look at clinical and other metadata for the samples we have already processed.
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Here is a desctiption of gene expression experiments we are to integrate data of. These are taken primarily form ArrayExpress and GEO.
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We are currently considering gene expression profiles obtained using cDNA microarray platforms. See the whole list of microarray platforms we are using.
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A use-case: human placenta under condition of pre-eclampsia

Current version of database contains quality tested, normalized and annotated gene expression profiles of preeclampsia-affected human placenta based on microarrays raw data from ArrayExpress public repository. We also provide manually standardized​ (using relevant ontologies such as Medical Subject Heading, MeSH) and extended​ (based on data from corresponding articles and authors personally) sample-wise placenta clinical metadata such as tissue type, diagnosis or gestational age. See our article for details.



Key attributes

For this use-case only those samples of the same tissue at the same stage of the placental development under similar conditions can be put into the same study group whenever search for differentially expressed genes between control and deviation groups is to be performed.

Our database structure

We itended our database to be designed for varying amount of sample attributes, reverse compatability with originally downloaded data, keeping names used in sample annotation standardized​ according to popular ontologies (MeSH, EFO) and for ability for further expansion of analysis to other platforms and omics (genome, metabolome, transcriptome). Checkout our database aricle.